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Jean Giraud Moebius
Moebius 7 The Goddess

Moebius 7 The Goddess at The Book Palace

Ref: MOEBIUS07 (Click for larger cover picture!)

Out of print.

"The Goddess" is the next episode in a series, following the eponymous main story of the fifth volume of the collection, "The Gardens of Aedena."

Giraud, inspired by New-Age philosopher Jean-Paul Appel-Guery, uses the evolution of former space-travellers Stel and Atan, characters from previous stories included in "Moebius 1: Upon a Star" to explore ideas about technocentricity, nature, and self-transformation.

Atan, released from hormone suppression in the previous story, has developed into a beautiful young woman capable of adapting to the Arcadian conditions of the mysterious planet, but now finds herself confronted by a bizarre society cocooned in artificiality. Looked to as a saviour, she must deal with a dark spiritual entity that seeks to dominate the development of the planet.

"Black Thursday" is a cynical Moebius short related only vaguely in theme. A courier in a technologically-advanced civilization is disgusted by the recreations of his superiors and resolves to challenge them, but he never follows through and nothing changes.

A very fine copy but with a 1 inch tear on front cover at spine means that I have to offer this at a give-away price.

Author: Moebius
Artist: Moebius
Publisher: Epic, 1990 (Out of Print)
Number of pages: 88
Format: Soft Cover; Full Colour illustrations
Size: 8" x 11" (210mm x 280mm)
ISBN: 0871357143
Book Condition: VF - Very Fine

Price:  30.00
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