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Edward Mesjasz
Charge of the Polish Lancers at the Battle of Kircholm 1605 (Original) (Signed)

Charge of the Polish Lancers at the Battle of Kircholm 1605 (Original) (Signed) by Edward Mesjasz at The Illustration Art Gallery

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Artist: Edward Mesjasz (biography)
Medium: Oil on Canvas
Size: 39" x 27" (990mm x 690mm)
Date: 1969
Signature: Signed by Artist bottom right and dated

This is the Signed original Oil painting by Edward Mesjasz.

Signed and dated 1969, this superb oil painting depicts The Battle of Kircholm September 27, 1605, one of the major battles in the Polish-Swedish War of 1600-1611.

The battle was decided in 20 minutes by the devastating charge of Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth cavalry, the Winged Hussars. The battle ended in the decisive victory of Polish-Lithuanian forces, and is remembered as one of the greatest triumphs of any cavalry.

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Edward Mesjasz

Edward Mesjasz