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William Stout
Prehistoric Life Murals

Prehistoric Life Murals at The Book Palace

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Two pages from the book (click for larger pic)

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This astonishing look at dinosaurs and their primeval worlds is lavishly illustrated and contains all of Stout's stunning murals for The Houston Museum of Natural Science, Walt Disney World's Animal Kingdom, and the San Diego Natural History Museum. In 1981, award-winning paleoartist Stout's critically acclaimed book The Dinosaurs - A Fantastic New View of a Lost Era launched the ongoing public renaissance in the re-examination and revision of dinosaur appearance, intelligence and lifestyles. Michael Crichton acknowledged this legendary masterwork as an inspiration for Jurassic Park.

Now Stout has returned to take us on a new journey, deeper into Earth's primordial past. Following in the tradition of legendary paleoartists Charles R. Knight and Rudolph F. Zallinger, Stout's murals of extinct predators and prey incorporate the latest paleontological evidence and the artist breathes life into prehistoric creatures that are both scientifically accurate and emotionally stimulating. Stout's detailed commentary also guides readers through his creative process.

Influenced by landscape painter Thomas Moran, Stout creates vistas of a world that existed millions of years ago, including Stout's recent twelve mural commission by the San Diego Natural History Museum, with oil paintings up to thirty-four feet long.

Paleozoic fish and reptiles, Cretaceous dinosaurs and sea creatures, Ice Age mastodons and sabre-toothed cats - vast panoramas of varied prehistoric worlds unfold in this handsome full colour collection. This volume contains all of Stout's prehistoric life murals, with detailed commentary guiding readers through his creative process.

Author: William Stout
Artist: William Stout
Publisher: Flesk Publications, 2009
Number of pages: 144
Format: Hard Cover; Full Colour illustrations
Size: 12" x 10" (305mm x 254mm)
ISBN: 9781933865102

Price:  29.99
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