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Renate Ploese
The Angry Gun - COMPLETE 64 Page Story (Originals)

The Angry Gun - COMPLETE 64 Page Story (Originals) by Renate Ploese at The Illustration Art Gallery

Ref: PloeseAngry1 (Click for LARGE picture)

Original 64 page complete episode. Includes the Stats used as publishers proofs.

Artist: Renate Ploese
Medium: Pen & Inks on Card
Size: 9" x 12" (230mm x 315mm)
Date: 1961

These are the original Pen & Ink drawings by Renate Ploese.

This is just about unique, a complete Lone Rider story from the Fleetway pocket library series drawn by the incomparable artist Renato Ploese.

No other complete stories are known to exist by this artist as 99% of all original pocket library interior pages were destroyed many years ago with only a few isolated single pages making it on to the collectors market.

This full 64 page story, originally printed as Scar of Hate in Lone Ride issue 3 and later reprinted as The Angry Gun in Wild West Picture Library #65, comes complete with the original stats made during the printing process as publishers proofs.

The Lone Rider cover image is shown for reference and is not included. A must have for the serious collector. 64 PAGES OF ART!!

Click for larger image ...
11th page of story
11th page of story
18th page of story
18th page of story
34th page of story
34th page of story
56th page of story
56th page of story
Cover picture (not included)
Cover picture (not included)

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Renate Ploese

Renate Ploese