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Star Trek
Star Trek: The Classic UK Comics - The Completer Series Volume One: 1969 - 1970

Star Trek: The Classic UK Comics - The Completer Series Volume One: 1969 - 1970 at The Book Palace

Ref: STARTREKCOMICS1 (Click for larger cover picture!)

Out of print.

In 1969, six months before the Star Trek TV series premiered in England, British comics readers were introduced to the characters in an original comic book series.

The stories were serialized, generally 2 to 3 pages at a time, in 257 weekly magazines spanning five years and 37 storylines. These extremely rare comics have never been published in the United States. Star Trek fans will quickly note that the comics were not written with strict adherence to Star Trek's core concepts.

The Enterprise frequently travelled outside our galaxy, and the crew committed many violations of the never-mentioned Prime Directive along the way. Spock shouted most of his lines and often urged Kirk (or "Kurt," as his name was misspelled in early issues) to shoot first and ask questions later.

But it's precisely that "offness" that makes them so eminently readable and deserving of a proper reprinting. They're unique in the annals of Star Trek and fans have gone without them for far too long.

Authors: Various; Foreword Rich Handley
Artists: Harry F. Lindfield; Mike Noble, Ron Turner, Harold Johns
Publisher: IDW, 2016 First Edition (Out of Print)
Number of pages: 236
Format: Hard Cover with Dust Wrapper; Full Colour illustrations
Size: 9" x 11" (230mm x 290mm)
ISBN: 9781631405129

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